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Did you know that your body contains infinite wisdom?
It has the ability to tell you everything you long to know about yourself and the universe?


Embodiment & Empowerment Coach 

Somatic Facilitator, Gynecosophic Guide

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y e s  -  really!

When I discovered that, it amazed me too. 

Through my own work with the body, I’ve found freedom to be myself. To be a powerful, connected, joyous, pleasure-experiencing woman.


And now I get to spend my days teaching this to others.


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I feel you.

Do you long for a safe space to be you?


Do you find yourself wondering? 

Searching for what it means to be a connected, powerful human being today?

Do you want to feel joyous, expressive and in control of your fate?

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I was there. Overwhelmed by my emotions, feeling an underlying sense of unsafety,  not fully expressing myself and disconnected from the magic of day to day life. 

Now I know a different path.

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I want you to know that

your body

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is a portal

to accessing and grounding all that you are. 

You can be liberated from pain, suffering & body shame & find new safety & pleasure


- everyday.


I want you to know this, and so much more.


about the body. 

And I’m here to accompany you on the journey to deeper connection with yourself, body, emotions and spirit.

I teach practices for creating intimacy, communication and well-being through movement, body awareness, embodied meditation, emotional regulation and holistic sociocultural education.

When we take time to explore our body and movement consciously we: 

  •  Expand our sense of self, discovering unconscious habits.

  •  Root into an inner feeling of safety in our nervous system. 

  • Create new connections with our body.


These new connections bring us options and movement, as well as an expanded sense of ease and freedom in our body (and life).

Feeling inspired yet? 💃🏼


Underlying my work is a deep prayer for all beings to know peace, freedom and enjoyment. I hold a remembrance that this was once our reality and that we can choose this again.

is our birthright and now is the time to fully embody that. 


client love

"I’ve studied with Elana privately for almost half-year. Our bi-weekly classes simply changed my life. I got to Elana after a year and a half lacking movement, after a year of breast cancer treatment when my body almost didn’t function. Since then, I slowly slowly feel like I’m coming back to life. My body is starting to remember how it once was, and Elana is always reminding me to breath into the moment, to smile and to love my body as it is today. Thank you so much Elana, heartfelt sister." 

Rotem, 35, Group and Private Yoga Student

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