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Somatic Movement Teacher, Embodiment & Empowerment Guide

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I research the body, pleasure, movement and well-being. As an embodiment and empowerment guide, my work explores the magic of the body, sensuality, sexuality and the mystery. 

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Born in New York City, my life took an unexpected shift I when I arrived in the holy land of Canaan in August 2013 to study Arabic. With a budding career in social-justice oriented politics and journalism, I left the US for what I thought would be 6 months to study and connect first hand to the realties of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.


Completely to my surprise, this land had other plans for me, and very soon I found myself awakening,  thrust into the path of my deep healing journey.  Living close to the land for the first time in my life, I was  introduced to the worlds of plant medicine, shamanism, sacred music, conscious sexuality and feminine awakening.

Suddenly I found deep belonging, connection and an unwinding path of deepening self-acceptance. 

This was a relief, a soothing, to my inner being who for years and years experienced a fundamental loneliness and not-enoughness. Connection with the magic of the cosmos, a longing suppressed from childhood, also began to reveal itself to me.

As my journey evolved, I joined the unique community of Israelis and Palestinians doing ecological peace work in the Jericho desert. During this period, I experienced new heights of love and connection, truly miraculous moments of deep peace, and yet I also experienced sexual  violence, and the destruction of my naivety. It was there where I was initiated into the gate of Trauma. 


Slowly slowly, through this initiation I began to heal my developmental wounds and trauma, further returning to myself. In the process I discovered the wisdom of my body, the power of stored unconscious memory, emotion and experience.  


Incredibly, I discovered my ability to connect with the mystery through my female cyclical nature, my womb, my sex and my heart. This wisdom continues to blow me away day after day.


 8+ years later, still living in the Middle East, I let go of journalism, but I’m still committed to the cause that led me here. 


Today, I dedicate myself to personal-development work as collective-liberation work.  I immerse myself in the overlap of personal and political, of spiritual and material, sacred and mundane. Ecological living and ceremony, and social justice oriented anti-militarization and colonization work are guiding values.


 I couldn’t be more excited that this is where life has taken me. I remain in awe and gratitude that this is the life I’ve created.

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Qualifications  & trainings

Yoga Instructor (800+ hours), 

  • 600 hrs Vinyasa and Non-Dualism with Roxi Stolk, Michmoret Israel 

  • 200 hrs Katonah Yoga with Founder Nevine Michaan and senior teacher Abbie Galvin NY, NY 

  • Additional training in Yoga for a Happy Back with Rachel Kretzman

Feldenkrais Practitioner (4 years, 800 hours)

  • with  Ruty Bar, Tel Aviv, Israel . 

Gyneocosophic Guide ( 1 Year, 370 hours)

  • Gynecosophia - the Wisdom School of the Complete Woman.  

200+ hours of study at the School of Mystery, Sacred Dance and Feminine Arts

  • with Zola Dubinikova including 2 month intensive in Goa, India

 ISTA (International School of Temple Arts)

  • Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Graduate and Assistant (Level 1, 2 & 3)

Muse Alchemy -  Somatic Coach, Embodied Trauma Guide, Movement Facilitator (1 yr 250hrs) 

  • Cutting edge somatic technology & full spectrum embodiment with Maya Night 

 FEMM Educator 

  • Certified FEMM Fertility Awareness Method teacher




My happy place is eating figs and/or blackberries straight off the bush

A few fun facts...

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