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  1. All purchases, unless agreed otherwise, are non-refundable

  2. All payment agreements are made before services are rendered. Payments are always to be completed prior to completion of programs/containers. Agreements & payment contracts are to be made and signed before services commence. 

  3. Payments are made for whole containers. Payment plans represent a binding contract. Payment plans are not broken down (payments per session/hr) and are paid until completion. In the rare case of immediate emergency, outstanding payments for containers may be frozen only after discussion is had and new agreements are solidified. 


I lovingly reserve low-income spots for many of my programs - group and 1:1.
If you are interested in working together but costs are prohibitive please talk to me.
I use this tool to determine need. I trust your own assessment,  please utilize it before reaching out.


To understand more about agreements vs expectations, please listen to this recording by coach Steve Chandler. 

All of Elana-Karen & Aluna Temple’s programs operate under the following agreements. 

  1. Confidentiality & Privacy  | All personal information and sharing are confidential.  You are free to share about our own personal experience. 
    I am regularly inspired by my clients and may share about the transformations/topics in my social media. I will never share specifics that give away your identity without your expressed permission.

  1. Self-Responsibility | The foundation of  all teachings are rooted in self-responsibility. We are sovereign beings responsible for our own experience and results: your experience is yours, meaning your response to reality is your own. In this practice we recognize that personal well-being as adults is first & foremost a self-responsibility.  I as mentor, am responsible for showing up for you and giving you the best mentoring experience possible.  You are responsible for what you take from the process, including being responsible for your own boundaries - saying no, yes, or I don’t know - and for taking action and creating the results you desire. Of course, as part our work, I am here to help you refine and become more skillful in this ongoing learning. 

  2. Co-Creation | This space, our work together, is co-created. Agreements, unlike expectations, are rooted in active creation and shared understanding.We will co-create agreements that work for everyone involved. If we make an agreement we can’t hold, or something arises that we don’t agree to, we will initiate conversations to renegotiate our agreements.  

  3. Direct Communication | We practice speaking in the "I," particularly in moments of conflict or distress. Direct communication includes expressing needs & making direct requests. NVC is a useful base for learning this skill, please ask me about this  if needed. 

  4. Asking for Support & Help | When in need, ask! In this space, we practice asking for help & communal support, using direct communication as outlined above to request support. This includes initiating conversation about challenge and/or dissatisfaction with the teachings and/or mentoring. Even when it’s hard. We are cultivating a culture of recognizing and valuing help - loving to ask and receive - and, recognize that sometimes this is hard in and of itself. 

  5. Feedback, Honest & Transparency | Feedback is deeply valued in the process. It is one of my core values and essential for tailoring the process to you. I will ask for feedback throughout and welcome you to check-in anytime about things you’re loving or things that need change. Sharing honestly and transparently about the process will guarantee you get the most out of it. Communiczating where you are at, including concerns is a liberatory process. Uncommunicated concerns turn into resentments. Sometimes it's only in  retrospect that we  understand something was off or not honest, once understood we communicate it! 

  6. Staying From Start to Finish |  We work with sensitive, vulnerable parts of ourselves. Sometimes this can feel overwhelming, and we have an impulse to leave. Staying is an act of practicing trust in ourselves, as such, I request that you stay.  If you do decide to leave a container, you agree to speak with EK first.

  7. Everything That Happens is a Part of The Transformational Process | This process is designed so that we meet ourselves - the parts that we love, and the parts that are more challenging to accept. Everything that comes up in this container is a blessed thread we can work with and learn from. We practice looking at what is happening through “shamanic eyes”, that understand that everything happening is here for us to understand symbolically as a part of our self.
  8. Non-Harm | All is welcome here except for self-harm, harm to others or harm to the space. I agree not to consciously harm. Part of what we are learning is to identify the ways that we do harm that we are not aware of. If we find such parts where we have previously harmed, we will apologize. 

  9. Timeliness | Time is a valued resource. We start and finish on-time. Lateness is to be communicated ahead of time, if you are more than 5 minutes late (still on-time in EK’s world) you may lose session time. 

  10. It’s a Practice & a Process | All of the above (baring say, number 8) is a learning process, which includes A LOT of undoing. We are practicing each of the agreements (and kindness to ourselves) in the process. In the case of agreement violation, a compassionate conversation will be created.

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