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Explorations of womanhood and the feminine body, subtle and physical. Investigation of and teachings on pleasure, sensuality, movement and desire. 


My courses & workshops address the questions:

  • What does it mean to be a woman in this world?

  • How do I connect with my internal movement?

  • How do I connect with my authentic expression and allow space for all of my parts? 

These offerings are an opportunity to gather and move in a circle of woman, in a held and intimate space where everything is welcome.

Because when woman move together, when women dance together, a magical thing--trust and acceptance--emerges. 

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Practicing Our Cycles 

Weekly Drop in Classes | In-person & Online

An embodiment lab exploring the female menstrual cycle. Sessions include a mini-lesson- possible topics ranging from esoteric theory, physiology and Fertility Awareness-  embodiment & movement practices and circle sharing.   



The Wheel of Gynecosophia

1-day workshop | In-person

An Introduction to Embodiment journeying through 4 cardinal archetypes: Witch, Priestess, Warriorress, and Healer 




Sustain - the Art of Cultivating Daily Practice

8-week course | In-person

Developing a sustainable practice rooted in pleasure, movement and body awareness.  

The Movement of the Wild Woman

A 6-week  somatic movement journey based in Feldenkrais and Feminine Embodiment practices creating new and deepened connections with pleasure, and wide aspects of the feminine, with a focus on the pelvis and slow, deep movement.

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