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The Art of Cultivating Daily Practice 

a transformative eight week journey for women

in  movement, cyclical embodiment & pleasure expansion

Eight weeks of developing sustainable practice rooted in pleasure, movement, and body awareness. 


Starting with the premise that we can choose how we feel, we'll dive into the language of the body - the language of sensation - to support ourselves in creating a regulated system.
we show up ready to support ourselves and the world.

In Sustain We'll Cover:




Dance, Breathwork, Energy Alchemy | Body Awareness, Conscious Movement|Archetype exploration | Sisterhood

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🌀movement is life 🌀

As long as we are alive in this world we move, even as we sit in stillness we breathe: life moves through us.

Daily practice is something that we crave,
Yet for so many of us is so elusive. “I’m not disciplined,” is one of the common sentences students repeat to me again and again.
Sustain is about choosing, committing and learning the path of pleasure, rewiring ourselves to choose again and again that which creates ease and joy. When we do, this daily practice, rather than another thing “we have to do” becomes an anchor of goodness that we can’t help but engage with on a daily basis.


Elements of Sustain: 

☾ Sacred body anatomy - the anatomy of pleasure and safety, the nervous system, pelvis, breasts, throat and more


☾ Movement, Breathwork and Embodiment practices 


☾ Embodied Archetype Meditation


☾ Writing as self-reflection, self-discovery and self-healing


☾ Ritual Creation, alters, gratitude and more 


☾ Intimate group setting, Sisterhood and circle sharing 



Course Takeaways: 

You can expect to finish the course with

 Specific daily practices for joy, pleasure, emotional release (anger, sadness and more), manifestion & alchemy


BUT MORE THAN THAT, you will receive

Framework for HOW to practice, no matter where you are, what is happening in your life, or what kind you of practice choose, you'll have the tools and structure to set conditions that get you out of your own way and into yourself


For intimacy and personal attention, the group is limited to 7 students.


 This is a transformative journey. Women  ready to make a full commitment to themselves and the process will be accepted

The Details

Tuesdays 9:00-12:00


2 Nov - 28 Dec


✢1800 ₪*

✢1550 ₪ - register together

& previous course students 


*Please note this is one time pricing for the course launch, upcoming cycles will be at a higher cost

Course includes two 1:1 integration conversations, during the middle & end of the program
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Sustain is for you if you,

❊ Know yourself. You've explored different practices - yoga, pilates, dance... - yet struggle to integrate them into your daily life.  Struggle to know when and why to do what. ​

Want a more loving relationship with yourself, your body and the world. To feel at ease being you!​


The old way isn’t working any more… pushing, starting then're ready and committed to finding your real internal motivation  ​

❊ You've done work on boundaries, finding your Nos and Yes, yet you sometimes find yourself still doing things you don't want, unsure of what you do want.


❊ Know about magic - yes that amazing juicy, starry, grace falling from the sky, OMG is this real?! magic​


Want more access to this magic - more and more of it in your day to day life - and are searching for a consistent entryway

🙏🏽 Sustain is for women who are ready to show up in life, engaged and walking the wisdom of their bodies. It is for women who ready to let go of old patterns of blame, shame and dualistic rights & wrongs, and walk the path of embodied knowing and feeling 🙏🏽

A message from your guide...

I know what it's like to struggle with daily practice. To again and again tell myself  that I should be doing something better or different. To walk around with the story that I am not disciplined, and even more foundationally, that I'm not good enough. 

I want you to know that this can ABSOLUTELY change. That is is so so very possible to create the kind of daily, minute by minute, reality you are craving. 

This course is an amalgamation of many years of study and teaching somatic movement (yoga, Feldenkrais and feminine embodiment), and designed exactly for meeting the parts most difficult for many of us - motivation, continuation and consistency. 

I want you to know that learning to move and come from pleasure, to take things slow, piece by piece and tuning into our desire is a gift that keeps on giving. A key for transforming your life into something you are excited to show up for every day. 

I can't wa
it to meet and explore with you. 

With so much love, 
Elana Karen

If you have any questions about Sustain that haven't been answered here, please contact me via whatsapp or at



student love

“You provided a portal to very very powerful knowledge. A combination of something so small, yet simultaneously huge. I have this internal voice - one of shame - which says I have to restrain the Wild Woman, and you taught me to be the master of this impulse. After the course, I can go out safely with this Wild Energy.  I can choose to make the movement very small, while of course I can still  be totally out there with all of  it if I want, it’s not necessary to feel it.  I no longer have to contract and close the energy to feel safe, I can go out with all of this wildness in the most subtle of ways. Most of the world can’t contain my loudest expression of the Wild Woman, and you gave me the ability to pull her into my center, to access the whole her, but quietly.  It’s a superpower, to access it in meetings with men, and  in “proper” situations like a work interview, or an uncomfortable family meeting.  It’s like ohoooo (pleasure sound!), I can be here, me. It’s a huge huge gift” Talya H, 37,

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