Working with me 1:1 is an opportunity to deepen your connection with yourself through exploring the terrain of your physical, mental, and emotional body


These individualized sessions are designed to drop you deeper into your body, connecting to Great Nature and your cyclical being-ness, and facilitating a more embodied day-to-day experience. 


In sessions we meet ourselves, always working at least in part, through the physical body to observe, strengthen, release, to find pleasure, enjoyment, to embody prayer and to direct intention. 

Sessions are designed to give you space to be heard, to feel and be witnessed and to give you practical tools for creating lasting change in your life. 

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The approach is holistic, and there is no area exempt from meeting. 

We will talk about feminine cyclical nature and the menstruation cycle, sexuality, nutrition, communication and relationships. We’ll explore how you feel in your body, your thoughts about yourself, your body, and your self-image, and your relationships.  


Based on your needs, and the specific day, we find the practices that are right for you, a combination of practices for strengthening, releasing, cultivating awareness and energy cultivation and direction. Tools include yoga asana & pranayama, Feldenkrais, Pleasure and Embodiment practices, Non-Violen Communication (NVC) and guided intuitive/free movement. 


Topics we could design our meetings around include: 

Increasing pleasure 

Opening up to sexuality and creating more comfort in the body

Finding more openness in the body 

Developing a home practice 

Refining and deepening Yoga asana and pranayama practices

Deepening connection and awareness of the body. 


Elana has a gift, it’s a gift of holding space in a way that makes you feel your in a nest, protected, safe and held


I came into Elana’s sessions feeling there was a big question mark surrounding my womanhood identity.


I love being this woman I am. I held much fears being this woman I am. 


I honestly didn’t fully know what it meant to be this proud, self confident woman. Did it mean constantly being strong, holding my head held high and loosing touch with my inner child. This is what I saw growing up, and I realized I can’t be this kind of woman it’s just not me. 


So I came into Elana’s sessions with so much fear. Fear in meeting my adult self and meeting my child self. How do they play together? 


I left Elana’s sessions each time closer to my child that sits deeply inside of me, she is perfect and I love her. And at the same time I left with a woman, a bit grown up, beautiful and with excitement to learn more about her. 


Elana introduced this idea of exploring with curiosity. I realized how much more chill it is then exploring with fear. At times it is fun, there is plenty of room for laughter, letting go and even calling a special someone to hold you and give you comfort. 


Elana has a gift, it’s a gift of holding space in a way that makes you feel your in a nest, protected, safe and held. We were able to then choose to dive into sensitive intimate topics. 


Thank you Elana, for giving me the freedom to explore my inner world with curiosity and with a special feeling of being supported and safe!

There are two ways of working with me 1:1 


A one off private session now and then, in this kind of session we do a mini-make over. We explore your current practice(s), focusing on one or two areas you would like to learn more about. You can expect 1 practice to take home with you.


A holistic package exploring the body-mind-spirit. We consider the body as portal to  joy, healing, pleasure, and the cosmic mysteries. In these sessions we meet our womanhood (or personhood) by learning to come into conversation with all of our parts. By setting conditions for safety, we allow healing, creativity and pleasure to emerge. These session  are a weaving of pointed conversation, yoga asana & pranayama, feldenkrais, pleasure and embodiment practices and guided intuitive/free movement.