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Sovereign Cycles

Enter the Temple of Body Literacy, Cycle Awareness and Womb Wisdom

8 session group initiation into the wisdom, power & magic of your Menstrual Cycle  

This is an invitation to step  more deeply into our own power through becoming intimately acquainted with the magic of your body.


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In accepting this invitation you choose to embrace your inner knowing, intuition and wisdom. 

Sovereign Cycles is an opportunity to more fully take the reign(s) [pun-intended 😅] of your precious life by learning to read your own inner rhythms -

hormonal & physiological, emotional, and spiritual.

An 8 meeting initiation into cyclical living- the attunement to the life cycles that are in and around all of usCyclically attuning with our own body's design - guided by the map of the monthly menstrual/ovulatory cycle - we connect with the moon, the yearly seasons, and even the mysteries of the womb, where life itself is created. 

Rather than our periods takings us by surprise, anxiety of mistaken pregnancy and being at the mercy of changing laws and politicians, PMS sugar binging, or feeling clueless at the Gynecologist's office, we learn to ride the waves of monthly hormonal change, understand our body and receive its profound medicine.


When we ride these waves, we learn deep-rooted self-care, the kind that creates confidence in tending for our well-being, juicy empowered sex lives,

healthy boundaries, and overall joyous living. 

Intimacy with our cycles creates this and so much more… It is an opportunity to step into our sovereignty - living life on our terms, from the inside out.

This is an intimate group journey (up to 11 women), together discovering the deliciousness of our cyclical body's power and mystery. 

The Sovereign Cycle Initiation Includes 

Introduction to Cyclical Living - attuning to inner and outer seasons and changes, emotional cycles and honoring changing needs.  and more

 Hormone 101, The Anatomy & Physiology of the Mensturaul/Ovultory Cycle, and  Experiential Pelvic Anatomy

The Spiritual Dimensions of the Cycle and the Womb -Cycle as spiritual path, the medicine wheel, energetics & archetypes of the cycle 

Somatic Pelvic & Womb MeditationSelf-Care & Pleasure Embodiment practices and rituals for feminine wellness

Trauma and the Cycle - how survival patterns and coping mechanisms connect with our cyclical nature. 

 Skills and Tools You'll be Initiated into 

Fertility Awareness and Cycle Charting -  knowing your fertile window (the ~6 days of the month when you can get pregnant) and when your bleed time will be

Body Literacy & Health Sovereignty - understanding how your reproductive system works, deeper knowledge in self-care and wellbeing, ability to dialogue with healthcare professionals 



Herbs and other holistic remedies for easing cycle pain and discomfort 

Ritual for deepening into the mystery of the blood cycle and connecting to the flow and magic of life

What Initiation into Cycle Attunment Gives Us 

map of your inner landscapes based in the ovulatory/menstrual cycle, orienting you to yourself throughout the month and the seasons of life. 



The opportunity for more easeful and harmonious bleeds 

Increased emotional wisdom, understanding, and capacity to contain yourself; greater self-acceptance and self-love


Expanded connection to life - to the flow of magic, synchronicity and nature

A  Pleasure to  Meet  You!

I'm Elana-Karen, Gynecosophia Guide, Ceremonialist, Somatic Movement and Embodiment Coach.  Originally from New York, I've lived in Israel/Palestine for the last 9 years. I create opportunities for learning about ourselves and the seen and un-seen worlds through the magnificent body. 

I absolutely love being a woman, and it lights me up to share the wisdom, knowledge and practices, I've experienced for creating safety, pleasure and intimacy with myself and the world. There are few things I like talking about more than the menstrual cycle, and it's deep (seemingly infinite!) mysteries.  I am lover of the moon and I root in the knowing that we are here to create joy and experience pleasure. 

My happy place is next to flowing water, under a fruit tree (fig or mulberry, please!) gobbling up freshly given goodies 😀

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The Practical Details: 

What: pre-recorded masterclasses & live q&as 

12:30pm EST/19:30 Israel 

 Dec 4, 11, 18, Jan 1

Investment:  $825* 

*First 3 spots @ $750
(payment plans available) 


ELANA (9).png
ELANA (9).png

What's Included?

2x 60 min 1:1 post-course integration coaching with Elana-Karen

2 take-home somatic practices for continuing the journey

Follow-up support in cycle tracking for 3 months in Telegram group 

Private Telegram group for coaching & support

in between sessions

1. Why "initiation" - isn’t this a course?  Going through an Initiation is a powerful moment of learning and experience becoming our own, one that transforms our psyche and expands our capacity. In today’s  society, we lack rites of passage and initiation. This series is more than just intellectual learning, as such it is an opportunity to pass thru a threshold consciously, with awareness, that we did not have when we first became menstruating women.

2. What is the Fertility Awareness Method (FAM*)? FAM refers to daily cycle charting practices that involve observation of fertility bio-markers and other signs of health, specifically this course works with a  Sympto-Thermal Method which uses daily observations of our cervical fluid and basal body temperature. FAM is a birth-control method, which when used correctly is 99.4-99.6% effective**  *As defined by Sarah Bly of The Well. **According to most recent peer-reviewed journal studies from acop journal. 

3. I already chart my cycles/use FAM, will this be repetitive? This initiation goes beyond cycle charting and touches into the emotional and spiritual layers of the cycle. It is a holistic practice of cyclical living. We will also touch on anatomy and physiology nuances which will likely be new for you.  

4. I’m on Hormonal Birth-Control (HBC), is this still for me?   Yes, if you are looking to connect more deeply with your body’s natural cycles, and transition off of HBC, which blocks that natural hormonal cycle. While recognizing the great feeling of freedom HBC has created for many women, I advocate for the power of sovereign fertility planning. 

5. I’m peri-menopausal, can I still be initiated into Sovereign Cycles?   Absolutely, while we will be focusing on the fertile years, much of the learning in this Initation is relevant for later years as well. Additionally, this learning can be a healing and reparative experience for past gaps in knowledge and experience of the menstrual/ovulatory cycle. 

6. I'm already experienced in the realms of self-development/ceremony/embodiment/sexuality, will this be new?  We're working with the infinite layers of the feminine mystery. Learning and experiencing the unique maps of the female body and how they connect us to ourselves and the world, if you have yet to connect your ritual and emobidment work to the nuanaces of the cycle and mysteries of the womb, this will most certainly add richness and inisght to your sacred work. 


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