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   Inner Landscapes 

3 Day Retreat for Women

Embodiment | Dream Time | Ritual & Ceremony

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Join us for a weekend of ceremonial space, exploring feminine archetypes
and the Wheel of Gynecosophia - a blueprint for
discovering our completeness and our innate wisdom as women


3 days out of time, in a womb-like container 


Ritual connection with the body and realm of dreams 



Diving to the depths of our feminine wisdom, 



All in the company of like minded sisters. 




Through embodiment  practices &  the dream world we will journey to discover hidden parts of ourselves, emerging more powerful and whole.

Thurs, Fri, Sat 

Meshek Morzi, Nahariya

Do you crave to know your council of women, the council that guides and advises?

Do you long for your ancestors to surround you and empower you, directing you?  


To luxuriate in your connection with the elements, the natural world,

with your own body


To access the unseen realms and bring them here - to earth, to your daily life?


To feel rooted in your wisdom as a woman 


You know the one - the wisdom, the mystery, the sacredness of the womb


This is the wisdom of the wild, sexually free woman, the wisdom of the warrioress woman who knows how to hold boundaries and defend herself, the fierce unconditional love of the mother, and the unending support of the midwife


We are the council of women.


During our shared time, we will explore how to

expanded our longing & passion for who we can be.

We learn to choose acceptance of what is and from there connect to our pure potential

What Are We Going To Do? 


Dive into Deeper Levels of Embodiment through 

⭐︎ Guided and Free Movement

⭐︎ Somatic Pelvic & Womb Meditation 

⭐︎ Writing with the Sub-Conscious

⭐︎ Playing and Communicating with the Archetypes 

Exploring and investing our potential, we will learn how to work with our nervous system, our body's natural rhythms and protection mechanisms 



Descend into Dream Consciousness through  

⭐︎ Connection to Womb - Organ of Dreaming and Creating

⭐︎ Getting to familiar with the language and expression of dreams

✫ Guided Imagery Journeys

⭐︎ The Shamanic Practice of Observing & Finding Inspiration in Nature


We will open to dream time in both day and night to receive guidance and vision for our lives through messages from the archetypes of woman



Explore the Wheel of Gynecosophia* to Discover 

⭐︎ Hidden Inner Chambers  

⭐︎ The Council of 16 Feminine Archetypes  

  ⭐︎ Cyclical Maps of Our Lives including:  the Monthly Menstrual Cycle and Initiatory Rites of Passage.

⭐︎ Maps of Great Nature including the Seasons and Moon Cycles



Use these New Maps to

⭐︎ Understand our own nature more clearly

⭐︎ Create and feel  safety and security

⭐︎ Find more play, take ourselves less seriously

⭐︎ Create self-confidence that radiates in the world

*What is the Wheel of Gynecosophia? 

The Wheel of Gynecosophia is a medicine wheel channeled and developed by Marva Zohar, founder of the Wisdom School for the Complete Women. With sixteen archetypes (also known as mothers and twelve portals, the Wheel guides us through life circumstances and energies, giving universal insight to our experiences. The wheel is a palimpsest -multi layered- guide- including the four seasons, the menstrual cycle, a directional compass, the elements and so much more…

Nice to meet you! 

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We're Miriam and Elana-Karen, and we're so excited to welcome you here. 

Journeying together for six years, we've traveled worlds (and countries!), walking a shared path of
peacemaking and feminine mysteries & wisdom schools. 
As colleagues at EcoME, the unique
Israeli-Palestinian center for peace & sustainability, we explored human connection, researching trauma resolution & healing, and honoring the Earth as a sacred holder of us all. 

Our friendship and shared learning brings
a deep safety into the group space, our trust and sisterhood, becoming a meaningful piece of the retreat field.  Our elemental energy, with Elana-Karen holding earth & fire and Miriam air & water - embodies a fullness and complementariness we are thrilled to share with you. 

Miriam Elizabeth Turmalin (37) is a spiritual midwife and hosts a Red Tent to empower and accompany women. She supports  births of life and death, conducts rites of passage and dedicates her work to peace and healing between the genders. She is an artist, performer, visionary, dreamer, medicine woman.  She has studied holistic Art Therapy and Gynecosophia. Born in Nazareth she has traveled and lived many years abroad and returned 6 years ago to share her gifts. 

Elana-Karen Leopold (32) Somatic movement & embodiment teacher/coach and Gynecosophic guide. She is trained in Yoga, Feldenkrais  and has done extensive research into trauma healing, and female sexuality. She is a long time student (and assistant) of the International School of Temple Arts - a mystery school exploring Sexuality, Shamanism and Spirituality. Originally from New York City, she has lived in the Middle East for close to a decade.

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Who Are We

Sliding Scale Payment**
♦︎ Full Cost (registration closes 28.10 ) → 2300-2700₪
**For more about Sliding Scale Payment
and why we choose this model, scroll down to FAQs👇🏽

What's included?  

organic vegan/veg meals (plus snacks) by our kitchen witches, curated for nourishment and lavish treatment 👸🏻

Hosting by Talya Hirsh with swimming pool, gardens and olive grove,  glamping at the unique and well-kept Meshek Morzi 

 3 days of sisterhood and ritual practice

with take-home wheel of Gynecosophia to continue exploring 

 50 minute post-retreat integration conversation with Elana-Karen or Miriam

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Our Magical Acomodations

 I’ve worked with Archetypes before - how is this different? 

Our work with the different layers of the Wheel offers profound insight into the relationships between different archetypes, using the Wheel to see their relation to one another, we can more clearly support less developed pieces to find new expression and fullness. 


 I hold women’s circles myself, I’m experienced in this realm, will there be something for me? 

Yes! Through the power of the Wheel of Gynecosophia we are offering a many layered approach which includes connected womb wisdom (the menstrual cycle), with embodiment and dream practice, and deeper exploration of the overlapping connections of all of these energies.

I am already familiar with my menstrual cycle, I track and/or use FAM. Will there be something for me?

Absolutely. We're going into may levels of the cycle, working with the Wheel and the archetypes as additional blue prints for understanding our cycles adds new richness to cyclical tracking that is SO expansive! 


 Is this retreat for female bodied women only? Is it open to all who relate as women?

This retreat is open to all who feel connected to learning through the feminine archetypes. Retreat content will include female anatomy/physiology, this information is fascinating and useful to all human beings.

participant love 

Elana and Miriam are guides full of wisdom, knowledge and sensitivity. The workshop  helped me connect to the cycles of my body, what is important to me in life, and the beauty of being a woman in the world. Their instruction is varied, colorful and juicy! If you want an experience of connection, and you have the intention of transformation and healing accompanied by two smart and exciting women, I wholeheartedly recommend ❤️

Noa S, 34

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